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Networking is often the most productive part of conferences, but a virtual ministerial eliminates those hallway conversations. To help fill that void, the First Freedom Foundation invites ministerial participants to its secure “FoRB Forum” chat platform during the week of the ministerial so participants can network with one another.

On the “Introductions” channel, ministerial participants are invited to post videos or text explaining who you are, what you are working on, and what you need next. On the “General” channel, you can discuss issues surrounding the ministerial and side events and share information relevant to the entire FoRB community. You may also create public or private channels to discuss specific topics–similar to getting a group together for dinner after a conference.

Less fun, but more efficient, this asynchronous networking event will enable ministerial participants to meet and interact with colleagues at their own time and pace, and in a secure and searchable platform.