For Strategic Altruists

The First Freedom Foundation is not for the typical donor.

If religious freedom is just one of many causes that you want to compare using overhead ratios, and you want to write a check and be done with it, this is not the foundation for you. 

But if you believe that religious freedom is foundational to all civil rights and human yearnings, and would rather address problems at their source than manage symptoms of oppression, 

…And you truly believe that all of God’s children are created equal, and so you are willing to put your effort where it will have the greatest impact instead of where it will get the most attention, 

…And you are more interested in results than in ratios, and understand that some types of “overhead,” like technology and training, are necessary for exponential growth  

…And you take responsibility for your contributions, knowing that the work begins with the check, and are willing to hold the First Freedom Foundation and our grantees accountable for our results, 

…And you are willing to stand for the equal rights of people whose beliefs are diametrically opposed to your own, and potentially be mocked by friend and foe alike for doing so.

If that is you, then welcome dear friend. You are a true freedom fighter. You belong in this community of angels who invest in their heavenly bank accounts. Please contact us below to begin.

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