Engaging the Next Generation of FoRB Champions

The Council of Experts of the IRFB Alliance is developing a strategic plan to inspire and nurture the next generation of FoRB champions, with the following objectives by end of 2023:

  • –   At least 5 youth-led FoRB projects will be supported by established organizations/agencies with funding, technical assistance, and/or mentorship.
  • –   At least 20 young FoRB advocates will enroll in a year-long leadership development program.
  • –   750 young people will attend a Global Innovation Summit where they will inspire and be inspired by peers, have the opportunity to pitch their projects or support other youths’ projects, and connect with resources such as internships, fellowships, visitor’s programs, etc.
  • –   The Global Campaign for Religious Prisoners of Conscience will receive wide support among young FoRB champions.

Our aspiration for freedom of religion or belief for everyone everywhere cannot be achieved without developing the next generation of FoRB champions. To grow the ranks of young FoRB champions, we need to create a sustainable track within which youths committed to FoRB can advance and to which they can contribute meaningfully as they move through the different stages of their personal and professional life.

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